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Introduction of the 308nm excimer lamp
The excimer lamp emits a wavelength of 308 nm produced using xenon and chlorine gases. These technical characteristics provide with many advantages over conventional phototherapies. High fluencies are possible, which can be useful in thick plaques of psoriasis.
It is also possible to selectively turn the beam of light and thus to treat the specific area involved, sparing healthy skin. 
It is easier to reach areas that are usually difficult to treat, such as mucosa.
The use of a monochromatic wavelength of 308 nm gives photobiological effects theoretically superior to those provided by NB-UVB, Stimulation of melanocyte migration and proliferation from progenitor niches located in hair follicles is certainly the major factor. This stimulation is due to the direct action of UV on melanocytes but also to the action of cytokines secreted by keratinocytes.
Advantages of KN-5000G 308nm Excimer Light

1.LED light source, high energy and no harmless.
2. Dose and Time working modes.
3. MED test function.
4. LCD touch screen.
5. Targeted, treatment handle works with multi-specification-available shading sheets.

Technical Specifications KN-5000G 308nm LED UVB Machine 
Operation Mode Continuously Operation 
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz±2% 
Battery specificaiton 18650 7.2V 2100mAh 
Display 2.2 inch LCD screen 
Output Waveform LED UVB 308nm 
Irradiation Area 22cm2±10% 
Longevity of light source 3000 -5000 hours 
Irradiation intensity 25 mW/cm2 
Work Modes Time & Dose 
LED quantity 64 PCS 
Work mode Time, Dose 
*** LED uvb 308nm, HIGH Energy, SHORT treat course, QUICK effect, NON-invasive
*** Targeted and no harmless, easy to treat the lesions places where the traditional ones can not reach
*** Super Long treatment time light source more than 3000hrs, 6 times longer than usual uvb bulbs. *** Big treatment area 4.5*5,cm; 22cm2.
*** Large Intensity 25mW/cm2, 6 timer bigger than uvb bulbs.
*** Time & Dose work mode, suitable for initial user, More accurate for treatment
*** MED test for patients self-test initial treatment of dose
*** Can record treatment data, convenient to query historical treatment records

Conventional NB UVB lamp VS 308nm LED UVB
UVB is the most common form of phototherapy used to treat various skin disorders including psoriasis,vitiligo,eczema,dermatitis etc.308nm LED uvb working more longer and stable than normal uv lamp. Especially suitable for small area,localized,early stage of skin disorders treatment,or noneffective with normal 311nm UVB phototherapy.

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