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  • :Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata treatment
  • :FDA
  • :Low level laser

Main Features:
● 80 pcs medical-grade semiconductor laser diodes (LD) and 30 pcs LED
● LLLT low-energy soft laser irradiation technology, safe and reliable
● Low level laser as light source, distributed radiating spot more evenly to promote hair growth
● Helmet type design, small size, light weight, more suitable for userss to treat at home
● Partition irradiation technology for different levels of hair loss, effectively realization of differentiated treatment
● Soft silicone distance guide,more comfortable and secure
● Intelligent sensor to ensure safety and effectivity during treatment
● Real-time detection of temperature and humidity
● Continuous irradiation or pulse irradiation operation

For fuller, thicker, healthier hair, choose kernel
Kernel helmet is a low level laser hair regrowth system for those with thin and thinning hair. kernel proprietary hair rejuvenation technology is extremely effective.
Model #
KN-8000C laser hair growth helmet
Laser diodes
80pcs Laser diodes+30pcs LED
Light source
650nm lasers diodes
Irradiation area
Timer function
25/30/35mins,battery powered
Clinical Apllication
Seborrheic alopecia
App function

For Thicker and Stronger Hair

kernel laser helmet was created to give hands-free, full scalp coverage comfortably. Combining 204pcs laser diodes, it stimulates,energizes and revives follicles at the cellular level so they can grow thicker, stronger hair again.

Just 20-30 Minutes Every Other Day

All it takes is 20-30 minutes a few times per week. Think you can’t find the time? The iGrow’s convenient, hands-free design makes it easy to regrow your hair while you’re watching TV, checking email, browsing the web, reading or just listening to music.

Fits All Head Sizes

If you feel like sharing, don’t worry! The iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet has adjustable headphones, moveable spacing columns and rotating weight distribution. One size fits nearly everyone!
Hands-Free, Hassle-Free
* The helmet is clinically proven and 510k-cleared for safe, effective treatment of genetic hair loss.

* Many products are under powered, provide less coverage or require constant hand movement to only treat one area at a time. The kernel helmet is hands-and-hassle-free!

* Convenient, light weight comfortable, kernel makes is easy to treat yourwhole scalp at the same time at home on your schedule, for maximum results with minimal effort.

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)
* kernel helmet was one of the first to take highly-effective, hands-free LLLT for thinning hair out of the clinic and into the privacy of home.

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