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  • :vitiligo、psoriasis、eczema、pityriasis rosea
  • :LED 308nm excimer light

1. 308nm LED
2. Irradiation area: 12cm2
3. Irradiation intensity: 15mW/cm2
4. Dose working mode,more precisely
5. Large-capacity power supply, long battery life
6. Good targeting.


308nm excimer laser vitiligo

Maximum efficiency

Adopts SMD UVLED light source imported from Japan, 

which has high intensity, good uniformity, quick effect and 

short treatment course.

Precision treatment

The instrument is suitable for small-area treatment, with good targeting, and it is easier to reach the 

diseased parts(vitiligo, psoriasis) that are difficult 

for traditional light sources.


portable excimer uvb phototherapy treatment

uvb phototherapy

Dose working mode

Unique dose mode, by setting precise dose for treatment, 

the effect is better.


Small size and easy to carry.

The flexible treatment handle can precisely control the radiation treatment range, and it will not shine on the normal skin, avoiding the damage to the normal skin.


308nm excimer laser vitiligo

portable excimer uvb phototherapy treatment

Safe and efficient

Independent light source temperature detection system, 

real-time monitoring of light source intensity and early 

warning of abnormal light and heat, to ensure safe and 

efficient treatment.


Light Source

308nm UV  LED

UVB wavelength


IndicationsVitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, pityriasis rosea
Output intensity


Irradiation area



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